We are North Carolina’s green industry, a diverse and vibrant industry that has a significant impact on the economy of our state.

The total economic impact of the NC Green Industry has been as high as $8.6 Billion.
In previous years the total employment by the NC Green Industry was 151,982 jobs.

The NC Green Industry’s total economic impact exceeded that of NASCAR by over $3B and the food service industry by over $4B.

The NC Green Industry has been the fastest growing segment of agriculture in North Carolina.

Greenhouse, Nursery and Floriculture Crops were the number one crop in North Carolina in 2006 ahead of tobacco, cotton and soybeans. This ranked 4th in the United States behind CA, FL and TX with $893 million in sales.

Undergraduate turf management programs at NCSU was named number one in the United States by TurfNet Magazine.

North Carolina homeowner’s yearly average expenditure for lawn and landscape services has exceeded over $800.00.

Over 2.9 million North Carolina homeowners spent an average of $718.00 for green goods, equipment and supplies. 

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